Why your tee shirt sucks

Simply. It fits like shit.

And unless it was a thought out wardrobe choice for that oversized look, you deserve a better fit.

Most tees shrink horribly, have no style(fashion and style are different), and last about 3 washes which is a real bummer when it’s your favorite design.

Bred from my disgust at sub-par, mass-produced mens tees, I had one goal; To create the perfect basic mens tee and evolve from there.
It had to be effortlessly casual and thoughtfully designed to make even the most average male physique look bad ass.

I wanted to make it exceptionally easy for you to trust in my product and once you figured out your fit, to consistently make you look good.

You should know what to expect every time you order.

Tailored Fit is not a dirty word.

Usually, the words tailored fit strike fear into the minds of most guys, but tailoring doesn’t mean exceptionally tight. It means well fitted and flattering to the individual physique.

Most men make the mistake of thinking they can’t wear a tailored fit tee because they have a dad bod, don’t have massive chest/arms or they’re a tall lean frame.
This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Just as a properly tailored suit makes even the most ordinary of us males look delicious to females. The same is true for a tee.

If anything, for an average body type it’s even more important to wear a correctly fitting garment.
Fit/Athletic guys look good in anything and I didn’t set out to make another tee for them. That’s child’s play.

My real desire has always been to make the average male whatever his shape look exceptional and to do that I spent a long time dialing in the shoulders, chest, and neckline among other less obvious tweaks to draw the eye to the right conclusion.

Every detail about your tee should inconspicuously blend in so you know you look good but don’t know why.

Leave that why to me, I’ve got you.

Women notice more than you think.

At some level, all women get a little bit flustered by a man in a simple well-fitting tee and jeans combo done right.

Whether you’re throwing yourself out of a plane wearing our tee under your jumpsuit, under a leather jacket hitting the road on your motorbike, or just rocking a simple plain white and jeans; the tee is our trusty go-to and once you’ve put it on, you shouldn’t give it a second thought.

Your tee should fit well, feel effortless, and most importantly, make you feel bulletproof.  And while I don’t believe that my tees will fit everyone I’ll try my best.

Created from the ground up our short sleeve uses superior fine cotton and from there, our long sleeve uses a different blend of fabric to ensure it fits the way it should from the moment you put it on to the moment that girl takes it off you and throws it on the floor.

The long road to the starting line.

You would never think that making a simple tee could have been so hard but the combination of small tweaks that most people wouldn’t even notice can make or break the way your tee looks and fits. Whether I’m stupid or not remains to be seen, but quality is something I was unwilling to compromise on from day one.

It’s how I wanted to do things.

After immeasurable hours spent on failures, development, testing & revisions, several manufacturers both domestic and international that couldn’t cut it, countless thousands of dollars wasted, piles of defective tees that still sit in my apartment as a painful reminder of the past, going broke a few times and barely affording to exist the rest of the time, multiple meltdowns, failed relationships, endless frustration, layers upon layers of myself torn apart, and on many occasion the heavy specter of overwhelming desire to quit,  I can finally say I’ve made a tee-shirt I can say I’m proud of.

One that is worthy of the Phoenix logo and of value to you.

This is only the beginning and I’m proud as fuck of the things I’ve created for you.
With your help and support, I will always gratefully continue to improve in every way I can to always make strong, dependable, and awesome products for you.

Thank you for being part of the Phoenix Family and the journey.

~ Jay Phoenix

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