Write your dreams with the ash of failures you've burned.

This is your life.

A series of endless moments, both good, bad or otherwise, strung together that form the story of your life; A story entirely of your creation.

You are not here to merely exist but rather live and thrive.

Because life is an adventure, and on this day, you were gifted a blank canvas; 24 hours of untold possibility and opportunity. But one day, you won’t, and you will leave it all behind.

Your fears, hopes, dreams, anxiety, possessions, everything. In the end it won’t matter whether you were beautiful or brilliant, your gender or skin colour. What will matter is how long you will be remembered, by whom and for what.

It’s easy to get caught in the story of the past, but hear me now, in this very moment, none of it matters.
What truly matters is what you consciously create for yourself from here forward.
Live in the past, or choose to live for the future.

If you feel stuck it’s because your reality has exceeded your vision, but I know that deep within you there are unspoken dreams for your life, and I want you to know that you deserve them; That they’re possible. You are capable of the most magnificent things.

The time has come now to rise up, pick up those dreams and take relentless, consistent action because you are an unlimited force of creation. The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.

In a world without fear, everything would be easy but there also would be no reward. Be courageous, and move with unshakeable determination from where you are, to where you desire to be; For a dream, that maybe only you can see for now.

You have a vision for your life and you will be tested. You must without wavering back yourself when if feels like no one else is.

You must do everything you’ve been told you can’t, shouldn’t, is too risky or not possible for you. You must not do what you are told. Do not do what is expected of you. Be defiant and fuck the naysayers.

Never, ever let anyone turn you away from your dream, because you can do anything, and never let adversity beat you into accepting average.

For you are a master of change, not a victim of it and as long as there is breath in your lungs, you can, at any single moment decide, take action, and reinvent yourself or immediately change the course of your life.

You can Re-Create your body from overweight to athlete, from sickness to health.
You can Re-Create your life from destruction and failure, to a thriving success.
You are a magnificent machine of unlimited creation.

Get uncomfortable, push your limits and put it all on the line because your only limits are those you accept for your yourself. On the edge of your limits is where you’ll find what you’re truly capable of. Know that failure is not final. It’s only failure if you quit.

Your success might not happen overnight but without taking consistent action, without risking something there can be no reward. You have to put skin in the game. You have to go all the way.

So push your fears aside, burn your fucking boats and storm the island of your dreams because life is too short to regret the shit you didn’t do.
Charge hard and unrelentingly in the direction of the things that set your soul on fire, because to be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else, is the epitome bravery.
If it speaks to your heart, give it every single fucking thing you’ve got. 
Even if that’s knitting, then you knit the absolute shit out of today.

Live and speak your truth freely, but kindly. Stay true, and at all costs cause no deliberate harm to others.
Never lose yourself & never give yourself away. 
Remember, money can never buy back what you sell of yourself. 
It will cost you more than money to get it back.

The Phoenix represents our ability to overcome our challenges, and to live life with zest despite our setbacks. It represents our purification and transformation through fire and adversity.
It is an eternal symbol of change, growth and reinvention.

Our logo is a symbol of those principles.

We Are Phoenix was born from failure, and on both sides of success and brutal defeat we have lived, and learned many lessons.
But we are the creators, and we do not accept the status quo.
We are not here to conquer the world, to reach or to please everyone.
We are here to share with those who resonate with and are inspired by our creative vision.

A lifestyle of easy smiles and free laughs, of accomplished goals and pushed limits. 
Kinship, friendship, adventure and life lived to the fullest.
A place where we celebrate differences, not divide and vilify them.

Where both the driven & the lost can find sanctuary. 

For us, it’s not about the products we sell, but the lives we touch. 
The things we create are just a medium to express ourselves and a physical reminder to you, that on your best days as well as your worst, we stand with you.

For you are among those brave souls who dare to dream.
Go now beyond this moment, and show yourself the best version of you.
Live life.
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Together We Rise

Our Manufacturing Ethos.

The world is our playground

And she is in pain.

For the longest time we wrestled with our decision to create products knowing that any form of manufacturing creates waste and our products would in essence contribute to the overabundance of consumer products in the world today.

We look to the future and a company looking to the future must accept that it has an obligation to minimize its impact on the natural environment. If we are going to use precious resources to create something then the most responsible thing we can do is make each product as well as we know how so it lasts as long as possible.

Value & quality matters and our mission is to create solid, dependable, long lasting staple items you can wear anytime you’re charging through life. We build our products with thought and purpose and would rather release less items of higher quality than just mindlessly throwing our logo on anything and everything we can get our hands on.

We endeavor to continuously analyze and improve our processes, product offerings, materials and techniques to make products last longer and have less impact on the environment. At every opportunity we specifically aim to reduce our use of plastic and sometimes this creates a difficult, more expensive but albeit more rewarding path for us that we wouldn’t have any other way.

We are extremely conscious and will always do the best we can with the resources we have.

No business can be done on a dead planet.

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